About Insurance Depot

Insurance Depot offers one-on-one consultations for persons new to Medicare, and those who are already enrolled. Everyone is unique, and has specific Medicare needs. No company can possibly meet the needs of every individual, so we work diligently to find optimal plans for each client. We maintain licenses with 18 different companies to ensure that we can set you up with the ideal plan for your needs. Our goal is to educate clients on all of the options available to them. More importantly, we don’t believe in high pressure sales tactics, so the final decision is always up to the client. Our consultation services are at no cost to you. Please visit our Contact page if you would like to arrange a consultation.


What Does IDFS Do?
We offer one-on-one consultations, in which we explain the various options our clients have in the senior products market. Everyone is an individual, and one size definitely doesn’t fit all in the senior market. No one company or plan can possibly meet the needs of every individual, so we work diligently to find the appropriate plans for each and every client.
Why Do I Need IDFS?
Our services apply to persons new to Medicare as well as those already on Medicare. For seniors already on Medicare, it is recommended that you review your plan annually during the Open Enrollment Period – also known as AEP. Plans can change and personal circumstances may change as well. We are dedicated to helping new enrollees understand some of the considerations such as:

  • Avoiding potential lifelong penalties for not enrolling by their deadline
  • Veterans
  • Persons who are still working
  • Prescription drug plans
  • What’s Your Philosophy?
    We do not believe in high pressure sales tactics. Our approach is to understand the client’s needs and make the appropriate recommendations. Our goal is to educate and explain the options available to each individual. With Insurance Depot, the final decision is left up to the client. An informed client is one who understands all of the options available to them, and why they have purchased a particular product or chosen a specific company. These services are of no charge to you, and we expect no form of payment for consultations.
    What Providers Do You Carry?
    Insurance Depot & Financial Services offers a broad range of products so every customer has multiple options available to them. We carry plans from a total of 18 different companies. These companies include:

    • Anthem
    • Humana
    • Mutual of Omaha
    • Advantage Health Solutions
    • Medico
    • Aetna
    • Guarantee Trust Life
    • Gerber
    • Forethought
    • Coventry
    • Heartland National
    • Transamerica
    • Silver Script
    • Care Improvement Plus
    • First Health
    • Health Spring

    And more!

    Meet Our Team

    Ken Keating
    Ken KeatingPresident
    Ken is an insurance veteran of nearly 30 years. Ken’s experience has helped him create innovative products that revolutionized the life insurance market. He was an executive for some of the largest life insurance companies in the country.

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